We’re an evolving project of discovery.

Our ideas, our music, our web pages, all in motion.

We’re history lovers, mostly storytellers.

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Song Stories

Pictures and lyrics that live inside the songs.

We all come from somewhere. Our own past swirls around us, fog like, mysterious, unknowable. The deeper we get into the telling of our own tales the more the past tugs, nips and bites.

All my life I looked forward, but in my late fifties I found myself looking back to the stories that made my world and the worlds of my ancestors.
This is our project, Old Bones Odyssey. Like my Puritan ancestors who arrived in the colonies in 1635 on a ship called The Planter, we’re embarking on an odyssey. Like my Russian Jewish grandparents who came through Ellis Island in the late nineteenth century, we’re setting sail for parts unknown. We’re exploring American history through a small portal that takes us into my genetic and philosophical family tree. Each of us comes from a fascinating jumble of people. Each life traces a map that leads us to today.

Our aim is discovery. To gain a deeper understanding of our world and our country right now.

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Ghost Lineage

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We’re creating a different kind of family tree: a philosophical one, made of ideas, thoughts, beliefs; accepted, rejected, swallowed whole, discarded, maintained, nourished and destroyed.

Of love found, simmering hatreds, adoration, ancient feuds, hidden desires, religious wars, long buried resentments, deep seated enmities, loyalty, transcendence, harsh disappointment, disillusionment and hope.

We’re all made up of philosophical family trees with ideas dangling off the branches. Call it a Thought Tree, an Idea Tree, a Dreams Lost And Found Tree. The beliefs of my ancestors are intriguing to me. The good ideas. The bad ideas. How they lived and what traces are left in the family I knew growing up. What vestiges of these ideas are still running through the laws and minds of our country creating the context of our current version of America.

Song Chapter One

Old Bones Odyssey – EP

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Song Chapter Two

The Brand New Universe – EP

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Where does a story begin? Like an endless matryoshka doll.
wherever we start we want to know what came before. 

Song Chapter Three

Seekers Songs Trilogy- EP

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It’s the toss of a coin. How your life plays out. Adventure, ruin, comfort, hunger. Wild seas, deep deserts, cruel cities, new worlds.

These seekers’ songs are stories of leaving home, being on the run, longing for a new home, a safe place where you can rest your weary soul. And keep your children safe.

Song Chapter Four

Family in the Carolinas - EP

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A Manhattan Fairy Tale

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Song Chapter Five

The Russian Tea Room - EP

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Song Chapter Six

A Manhattan Fairy Tale - EP

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Song Chapter Seven

The Road - EP

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Song Chapter Eight

Hart Island - EP

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Song Chapter Nine


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Our Story Continues