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The Journey

It’s a long and twisting road.  Lots of stories, some discoveries, many mysteries remain. 

The Journey Interviews With Ellen Kaye Below:

The Road
A Manhattan Fairy Tale
The song - by Ellen C Kaye, Music by Ethan Fein
Old Bones Odyssey #2
Articles Of Association
Circa 1775. A sample of the Articles of Association signed by Zachariah Burwell, Ellen's 4th great grandfather, and over 1800 others in Dutchess County, New York following the Battles at Lexington and Concord.
Phoenix House
Hart Island, Pelham Bay
A Film By Larry Peerce
"One Potato, Two Potato" was a ground breaking film directed by my cousin Larry Peerce. Barbara Barrie and Bernie Hamilton starred in it. My mother had a part in it. She was a talented actor who had been discovered a few years before in "New Faces Of 1952".
Marriage, Murder, And Madness In The Family Of Jonathan Edwards. By Ava Chamberlin. Ellen's ancestors on the maternal line.
The Journey
All the pieces, the particles, the clues.
The Hart Island Ferry
Pelham Bay, New York
In The Studio
Recording our new album, Old Bones Odyssey. Outlier Inn Recording Studio.
Lloyd Williams Family Sketch
Lloyd Williams was too fabulous too describe easily. He was an original. A talented and successful fashion designer. A black entrepreneur who partnered with Hy Rabin to create a successful clothing line in the 1970's,'80's and 90's. Here's a fun sketch of our whacky family he jotted off one day.
Old Bones Odyssey Live AtHowland Cultural center
May 2023
Old Bones Odyssey
A Long Ago Letter
Ellen found this letter inside this beautiful box, undisturbed for sixty years.
Ellen's Missing Persons Poster
The RTR #2
Old Bones Odyssey #3
Lyrics by Ellen C Kaye, Music by Ethan Fein.
Andrew Hull Tuttle
The Descendants Of William And Elizabeth Tuttle
Burwell Family Record
Old Bones Odyssey #4
William Tuttle History
Bishop Asbury
Burwell WWII Letters
My mother Faith's letters to her father Ernest, and his to her, during the war.
Burwell Family Letters
My grandmother kept my mother's letters in the top box. In the bottom box were all the letters my mother and her father wrote to each other during WWII.
Making Family Albums
George Ernest Burwell Jr. Baby picture. Circa 1898.
Lloyd Williams Fashion Sketch
Lloyd Williams b.1932 d.2020. Fashion designer.
The Living Room - 2020
This was the start of the archiving. Pinky was always in charge.
Family Research
Storage space really helps.
WWII Family Sketch
Found this sketch in a letter from my mother Faith to her father Ernest in WWII. She was eight years old when the war started and thirteen when it ended.
Sidney Kalmanowitz - WWII - England
Woman's Best Friend
Bitsy keeping me on course.
Sidney Kalmanowitz WWII Letter
Letter sent from my father Sidney Kalmanowitz during WWII to my Aunt Alice, his sister, and my Uncle Jan.
Lloyd Williams Sketches
- Greenwich Village Fashion
WWII Family Sketch
My mother Faith included this sketch in a letter to her father Ernest during the war.
Sidney Kalmanowitz - WWII
Lloyd Williams Sketch
WWII Letter & Cartoon
Letter from my father Sidney Kalmanowitz to my cousin Susan Peerce during WWII. The cartoon was sketched by a patient at the hospital in England where my father was serving in the war.
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