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The Amoeba – Ethan Fein

“When Ethan and I finished writing this tune I knew I had to hear him sing it.” – Ellen Kaye

Maxfield Parrish Sky

“For all the past beloved summer days and nights and all the radiant ones yet to come.” – Ellen Kaye

Your Oyster

“…the sense of no clocks, endless days, just rolling on forever in a blissful state.” – Ellen Kaye


“In memory of Kim Tsang, my son Ian’s father.” – Ellen Kaye

Haunted Hart

“Haunted Hart is about a man I loved when I lived on Hart Island in 1974…these are my memories of him. And the ghosts of Potter’s Field.”-Ellen Kaye

River Styx

“River Styx brings my time in Phoenix House on Hart Island to life. I was fourteen when I got there…I’m tackling my own story, the stories of abandoned people, of what it’s like to be left behind.” – Ellen Kaye


“it was America in 1974. Not like anything else.” -Ellen Kaye

A Manhattan Fairy Tale

“I started telling this story a long time ago. For now I’ll let the song say it all.” -Ellen Kaye