We’re an evolving project of discovery.

Our ideas, our music, our web pages, all in motion.

We’re history lovers, mostly storytellers.


“History in a nutshell told by a nightclub singer, not an historian.” -Ellen Kaye

Buster Blue Eyes

“His blue eyes were always a little further down the road, drifting upon unseen waters.” -Ellen Kaye

Lovers On Horseback

“The original letter was very plainly written…but it was enough to make me want to write this song.” -Ellen Kaye

Sleeping Shadows Lullaby

“How it feels to have your heart filled to the brim with love and dread for your child.” -Ellen Kaye

The Unknown

“It is the saddest story ever told. With the boldest beginning. But the darkest flaw is in our making. ” -Ellen Kaye

Stardust At My Back

“That you could curse your destiny, upend it and walk away.”-Ellen Kaye

Neander Valley

“…we just have to do the work to make this world a safer place for everyone in it.”-Ellen Kaye

The Big Bang

“…we’re just showbiz people telling a story.” – Ellen Kaye

Old Bones Odyssey

“…whose bones do we care about and whose bones do we abandon?” -Ellen Kaye